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Originally located at Candi Simping, Blitar and the statue is now preserved at National Museum of Sumatra in 1290, Singhasari became the most powerful kingdom in the region.

It was the mortuary deified portrayal of Kertarajasa.

Next to launching naval and military expeditions, the expansion of Majapahit Empire also involved diplomacy and alliance.

Hayam Wuruk decided, probably for political reasons, to take princess Citra Rashmi (Pitaloka) of neighboring Sunda Kingdom as his consort.

The exact date used as the birth of the Majapahit kingdom is the day of his coronation, the 15th of Kartika month in the year 1215 using the Javanese çaka calendar, which equates to November 10, 1293.

During his coronation he was given formal name Kertarajasa Jayawardhana. Some of Kertarajasa’s most trusted men, including Ranggalawe, Sora, and Nambi rebelled against him, though unsuccessfully.

After being pardoned by Jayakatwang with the aid of Madura’s regent, Arya Wiraraja; Raden Wijaya, Kertanegara’s son-in-law, was given the land of Tarik timberland.

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