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The practice of employers requiring employees to use FMLA to take time off work if they are injured on the job is technically legal.Under the state and federal FMLAs, an employer can count an employee's time out on workers' compensation as family and medical leave as long as the employee is out for a reason that meets the FMLA requirements as stated above.

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One reason an employee may go on leave is to deal with a serious health condition.Get a Free Initial Review From a Workers' Comp Attorney Workplace injuries can result in time off work, medical bills, and other complications, but your employer is required to carry workers' compensation insurance for such events.It can all be quite confusing, particularly if your injuries are severe.This article will describe the differences between FMLA and workers' compensation, including situations where both may apply.

Qualifying Reasons for FMLA Unpaid FMLA leave must be granted to an eligible employee for any of the following reasons: Understanding Workers' Compensation Workers’ compensation provides for health care and income replacement.If this happens, the laws’ provisions can run concurrently.