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Only males possess horns, 15–24 centimetres (5.9–9.4 in) long.

The nilgai is diurnal (active mainly during the day).

; literally meaning "blue cow"; Boselaphus tragocamelus) is the largest Asian antelope and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent.

The sole member of the genus Boselaphus, the species was described and given its binomial name by German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas in 1766.

The time of the year when mating takes place varies geographically, but a peak breeding season lasting three to four months can be observed at most places.

Gestation lasts eight to nine months, following which a single calf (sometimes twins or even triplets) is born.

A red vehicle then drives towards the bull which distracts the animal who redirects his rage towards the bonnet and the bull bar. He was carried to a vehicle to seek medical attention but died later.

Reportedly two other bullfighters suffered minor injuries and one man fainted from sunstroke during the event at the Quinta cattle ranch.

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A colleague performs an impressive somersault over the running bull but it ignores the stunt and continues chasing the jumper-flapping man.

The nilgai stands 1–1.5 metres (3.3–4.9 ft) at the shoulder; males weigh 109–288 kilograms (240–635 lb), and the lighter females 100–213 kilograms (220–470 lb).