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(see Virtualization) Academic customer A software purchaser or user primarily engaged in educational pursuits, such as schools, colleges and universities, state departments of education and other entities.

Academic license A contract between a publisher and a customer permitting product-use rights in an educational environment.

(see Product use rights) Auto-discovery Automation of discovery process using electronic tools.

Auto-discovery may use agents (software installed on the computer to retrieve attribute and relationship data) or periodic network scans (agentless) to retrieve data. (see Discovery) Automatic installation See Remote installation Automatic uninstall See Remote uninstall B Base license Contract between a publisher and customer that specifies pricing, terms and conditions based on estimated numbers and patterns of use, typically used as the basis for an enterprise license agreement.

Baseline 1.) Measure of software asset management process effectiveness used to index further improvement or deterioration via assessment.

2.) Snapshot of device, infrastructure or network configuration used for future discrepancy reporting and gap analysis.

This is a valuable measurement for pay-per-use licenses, although it does not consider if software is processing data.

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Acquisition 1.) Systematized purchasing practices for buying software.

Archive user An identified person, program or device whose information is stored by an organization. Assessment The measurement and judgment of an organization's software asset management (SAM) maturity, frequently measured against established standards such as ISO/IEC 19770-1 or a best practices framework, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL.

(see Maturity, Best practices) Asset The computing infrastructure subject to the processes of software asset management or information technology asset management (ITAM).

(see True-up licenses) Authorization number Alphanumeric string required for authorized use of software.

Authorized use Operation of a software product in accordance with product-use rights.

(see License compliance mechanism, Metering, Passive metering) Active window 1.) Foremost window open on a computer monitor, as opposed to any in the background.