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Female journalist ventures into the woods to study her fathers papers on survival techniques.She is abused and assaulted by another group of survivalists who unfortunately for them have not such good sources.

When however I discovered that a concerted attempt was being made on 3 classical forums to silence me, purely because I refused to abide by the classical case taking procedure that was laid down as the sine qua non of handling a case, I decided to take these attacks which in some cases were downright mean and vulgar, head on.

When a patient consults a doctor or a homeopath he expects to be cured ASAP and it is our duty to ensure that the great benefits that can result from the rational use of Homeopathic remedies are passed on in the same rational manner that I have promoted which is now accepted internationally as Joepathy.

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It was the obvious success of my direct “this for that” therapy that seems to have struck a chord among surfers on the web and I am indeed humbled that I have been able to raise some awareness among the suffering public who would otherwise have been compelled to succumb to the step motherly therapy that classical homeopaths invariably dish out to their patients.

It is my hope that both patients and classical homeopaths will heed my call for a more rational attitude to Homeopathy which is a science that must not be allowed to “Bleed to death” as Manish Bhatia of Hpathy very succinctly phrased his article which he circulated to his membership of readers of his Ezine.

The countering of these attacks on the forums invariably took a toll of my time which I had to divide between my official functions as the CEO of a very old family owned business in Sri Lanka and my love of healing by Homeopathy and I discovered that I was spending far more time in my defense than the time I spent in advising patients on the forums.

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BUT, if comes down to my personal dignity and choices....I will NOT sacrifice my personal happiness to anyone....should it be asked of me...'submissive' can be mistaken for 'weak'....that us women are NOT! I have only had 2 relationships in my life, but the men were both what some would refer to as "whipped" I just think it would be nice to have someone who knows how to "take care" of a woman, instead of me having to come up with all of the answers ALL of the time.… continue reading »

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Your parents taught you not to call people names, like “jerk.” But let’s be honest, some people have earned this label for good reason. Picture this: there’s a full moon on a dark night, you arrive at the scheduled meeting place with little more than a picture and a few pertinent facts about the person you’re meeting.… continue reading »

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