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Ryuk asks the busjacker if he can see him, and the busjacker, frightened, tells Ryuk to not move or he will shoot him.Penber says that Osoreda is hallucinating, and warns everyone on the bus to get down.Penber takes out his FBI badge and shows it to Light to prove that he isn't Osoreda's accomplice.

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Osoreda picks up the paper and believes that the passengers are passing notes.

Penber has black hair and light-colored eyes, depicted as blue in the video games.

However, the video games depict his hair as brown instead of black.

Yuri is in disbelief, and Light explains that a tactic for criminals is to have one criminal act while the other hides and waits in secret, appearing as a bystander.

Penber, thinking that if Light were Kira he would have killed the criminal by this time, decides that he has no choice.Osoreda threatens to kill everyone on the bus if the other party calls the cops or does not comply.