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Monuments of the third class, representing Alpha and Omegain Scripture) in connection with another symbol, usually the monogram of Christ, are much more common than those of the two former classes.The minusculer form of Omega is, in nearly all cases, represented, though some examples of the upper-case Omega occur in the monuments of Africa and Spain.They continued to be fashionable with the Romans, but it was during the Migration period in Europe after the decline of Rome that garnets experienced a revival.Not only were cabochons in use, but methods of splitting the stone into fine sheets created a new aesthetic.The design is based on the continental system of geometrical proportion, but its English features include single rather than double aisles and a long nave with wide projecting transepts.The Abbey has the highest Gothic vault in England (nearly 102 feet) and it was made to seem higher by making the aisles narrow.The present building dates mainly from the reign of King Henry III.

They have been employed from the fourth century as a symbol expressing the confidence of orthodox Christians in the scriptural proofs of Our Lord's divinity.

The Englishness is also apparent in the elaborate mouldings of the main arches, the lavish use of polished Purbeck marble for the columns and the overall sculptural decoration.

The east-west axis was determined by the existing position of the Lady Chapel.

The apocalyptic letters were represented either (1) alone, or (2) in connection with human or other figures, or (3) with other symbols.

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Examples of the first class, to which belongs the inscription of 364, are rare.Earlier in Henry's reign, on , he had laid the foundation stone for a new Lady Chapel at the east end of the Confessor's church, but as the Abbey's own financial resources were not sufficient to continue the rebuilding of the whole church at this time no other work was carried out.

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