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20-Jan-2016 02:08

Or also perhaps two women discussing something where they may briefly mention their brother, employer, etc.

If the mention of the man was removed from the conversation, the purpose of the conversation would still stand.

This keeps them from simply becoming a sex object or plot device. While both Rose and River had their share of arguments with The Doctor, how they handled them was drastically different.

Rose argued when she had moral issue with his choices, stood her ground, defended others, and overall became the moral compass of their relationship.

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This was to allow for three (or more) way conversations, since the test did not say that a man/men observing/participating in the conversation with two or more women disqualified it.As they’re told.” I think I just heard Rose, Martha, Donna, Romana, and Sarah Jane slap you.

As the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes is said to have said from his bath: Eureka!… continue reading »

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