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13-Apr-2016 00:53

Alternatively, see the Advanced Tweaking section of the guide for details on how to set a custom startup resolution.Once you've got the game running, you can then change the resolution to suit your taste in the in-game settings, and importantly you can select a higher refresh rate.You must check out the minimum system requirements in that file, as well as the supported hardware list, since if any of your hardware is not supported or has known issues then you will experience problems with the game or won't be able to run it.For the latest online help check the EA Games Tech Support Site for more official help.

Launching/Loading Issues: The most common problem with BF2142 is that the game crashes to desktop or goes to a black screen when you first launch it.

For community support, visit the EA BF2142 Forums, or one of the many BF2142 Forums popping up such as the Total BF2142 Forums for example.

These links, which we now take for granted in the modern web, were a big deal when computers were first coming into maturity. It can also be used for other types of documents, like ebooks.… continue reading »

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The change, which affects all divisions from tee-ball up, fully takes effect beginning in 2018. Keener, the league's president and CEO, said they moved it again after getting feedback from parents, coaches and others. 31 date would be more appropriate in meeting "the goal of making the Little League Baseball Division truly a 12 and under program, while also mitigating the impact to those currently participating in the Little League program," Keener said. 31 also will bring its registration in line with most school districts, allowing more kids to play with their classmates.… continue reading »

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